Onboard your users in 2 minutes - for free!

Fractal ID Basic offers a free, fully automated KYC/AML using best in class authentication technology: 

Identity Verification (OCR), Liveness detection/facial comparison, AML (PEP/sanctions lists)

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Speedy Onboarding

Automated document-capture, liveness detection and face-matching reduce onboarding time to less than 2 minutes.

Highest Accuracy

We selected the best-in-class technology providers so you can onboard users with confidence.

Increased Conversion

If an automated check fails, cases are escalated to humans, maximizing acceptance rate without compromising quality. 



Identity Verification

Automatic document-capture and visual inspections of MRZ via OCR technology to assure document authenticity.

Liveness & Facial Comparison

Liveness detection, interactive challenges and facial comparison accurately match the ID document to the user.

PEP/Sanction Lists

To mitigate AML risk, comprehensive PEP and sanction list checks filter out users subject to international sanctions.

Check the detailed description here.

Fractal ID Basic is available through our self-serve dashboard

Further Questions? Email sales@fractal.id and we're happy to help!